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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook, by Joel R. Brandes

The New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook was written for both the attorney who has never tried a matrimonial action and for the experienced litigator. It is not a treatise. It is a “how to” book for lawyers. This 800 page handbook is a companion work to Law and the Family New York, 2d (Thomson Reuters Westlaw), which contains extensive coverage of the substantive and procedural law related to matrimonial actions and family court proceedings. 

The New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook focuses on the procedural and substantive law, as well as the law of evidence, that an attorney must have at his or her fingertips when trying a matrimonial action.  It is intended to be an aide for preparing for a trial and as a reference for the procedure in offering and objecting to evidence during a trial.  The handbook deals extensively with the testimonial and documentary evidence necessary to meet the burden of proof.  There are thousands of suggested questions for the examination of witnesses at trial to establish each cause of action and requests for ancillary relief, as well as for the cross-examination of difficult witnesses.

The  New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook, by Joel R. Brandes will be in  bookstores and available on line in  October 2017.   Click on the title for more information about the contents of the book.  Click on this link for the complete table of contents.

If you would like to be notified when The New York Matrimonial Trial Handbook is on sale send an email to with the words “notify me” in the subject line and your email address. The anticipated publication date is October, 2017.