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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Recent Hague Convention District Court Cases - Aldaba v Marta, 2022 WL 1641320 ( D. Kansas, 2022).

 Aldaba v Marta, 2022 WL 1641320 ( D. Kansas, 2022).

[Mexico] [Petition granted] [Grave risk of harm not established] [Respondent alleged that the children have sustained physical abuse and neglect while in Petitioner’s custody; that Mexican authorities have ignored Respondent’s complaints about the alleged abuse and neglect; and that Ciudad Juarez is a dangerous city with high crime rates. The Court held that Respondent failed to come forward with “clear and convincing evidence” proving that these three reasons, whether taken collectively or considered separately. presented a “grave risk” that returning the children to Mexico will expose them to harm or an intolerable situation.