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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Recent Hague Convention District Court Cases (List)

Luis Alfonso VH v Banessa Cristina AZ, 2021 WL 76971 (W.D. Virginia, 2021).

[Honduras] [Well-settled] [Petition denied]

Alverez Romero v Gajardo Bahamonde, 2020 WL 8459278 (M.D. Georgia, 2021)

[Chile] [Well-Settled] [Wishes of the child [Petition   denied] 

Dubikovskyy v. Goun, 2021 WL 456634 (W.D. Missouri, 2021) 

[Switzerland] [Wishes of the Child] [Petition denied]

Forcelli, v. Smith,.2021 WL 638040 (D. Minnesota, 2021)

[Germany] Necessary Expenses] [not clearly inappropriate] [Reasonable attorneys fees and transportation costs awarded]

Sanchez Mena v Gomez Paz, 2021 WL 633586 (D. Utah, 2021.) 

[Peru] [Federal & State Judicial Remedies] [Respondent’s motion for enlargement of time to file motion to dismiss moot. Respondent’s motion for consolidation of defenses denied. Respondent’s motion to amend the scheduling order is granted in part and denied in part.]

Colchester v Lazaro, 2021 WL 764136, (W.D. Washington, 2021)

[Spain] [Habitual Residence] [Petition granted] [Necessary expenses against Ms. Lazaro is not “clearly inappropriate]

Jose De Jesus Joya Rubio v Yelaine Memendez Alvarez, 2021 WL 956197 (S.D. Florida, 2021) 

[Mexico] [Well-Settled] [Wishes of the child] [Petition denied]

Radu v Shon, 2021 WL 1056393 (D. Arizona, 2021).

[Germany] [Necessary Expenses] [Clearly inappropriate] [Motion denied] 

Sanchez v Sanchez, 2021 WL 1227133 (M.D. North Carolina, 2021)

[Honduras] [Grave risk of harm] [Petition denied].