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Monday, May 23, 2016

Cillikova v Cillik 2016 WL 541134 (D.NJ, 2016) [Slovak Republic] [Fees & Expenses]

Petitioners motion granted  $3148.96 in travel, lodging, and translation expenses. Petitioners motion seeking to recover $158,955.75 in attorneys fees and costs denied without prejudice, subject to the receipt of additional submissions. The vast majority of  $13,734.25 in costs asserted by Petitioners counsel comprised claimed WestLaw charges. Petitioner failed to submit sufficient evidence of their necessity or reasonableness and the claimed $13,329.15 appeared facially excessive, particularly for practitioners with experience in this discrete field of law. Petitioner given time to submit evidence going to the necessity and reasonableness of the hours worked by her counsel, including submission of an unredacted itemized billing record for in camera review, her counsels claimed hourly rates, and the asserted research expenses. Respondent given an opportunity to raise specific challenges to this evidence (other than the portions of the attorney invoices that the Court reviews in camera). The Court granted additional time for the Respondent to submit evidence regarding his financial circumstances and for either party to report any disposition as to former joint property or other assets.

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