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Monday, May 23, 2016

Guevara v Soto, 2016 WL 1558384 (E.D. Tenn, 2016) [Mexico] [Petition granted]

 Defendant did not prove that plaintiff consented to or subsequently acquiesced in the child's removal or retention. Although the child was removed from Mexico to the United States more than a year before the petition was filed the child was not now settled in his new environment; nor did she establish the  Agrave risk exception. While defendant alleged that she was fearful to return to Mexico, she did not prove that there was a grave risk of harm that returning the child to Mexico would either place him in danger prior to resolution of a custody hearing or subject him to serious abuse or neglect from plaintiff. She did not allege that plaintiff abused the child or that the Mexican courts would be unwilling or incapable of protecting the child during the pendency of a custody hearing, or that she would be denied due process of law for a custody hearing in Mexico. 

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