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Monday, May 23, 2016

Mendoza v Esquivel 2016 WL 1436289 (SD Ohio, 2016) [Mexico] [Petition for Return Granted]

 Respondent failed to establish grave risk of harm defense. Respondent presented no evidence that the Children are aware of any incidents of abuse or Petitioner's prior alleged drug use. Respondent did not allege that Petitioner ever abused (either physically or verbally) the Children themselves or ever used drugs in their presence. The facts that Respondent never filed a police report, received medical care, sought social services, or took other action to document the alleged abuse weighs against a finding that any abuse exceeded the Arelatively minor@ category set forth in Simcox. Respondent failed to meet her burden in proving that Michoacán, Mexico was a zone of war, famine, or disease. The discrete examples of violence to which Respondent testified were insufficient to prove that the country of Mexico or the state of Michoacán pose a grave risk of harm to the Children upon their return. Respondent did not provide any evidence comparing the crime rates in Michoacán to those in Columbus, Ohio, or explain why the Children faced a greater risk of violence in Mexico than they face in the United States. The fact that the United States has issued a travel warning to citizens traveling to Michoacán, Mexico is insufficient to establish that Michoacán, Mexico is a war zone.

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